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Guarantee, Terms & Conditions

First Glance Limousine is operated with integrity; we are upfront regarding all charges as we don’t present negative surprises at a later date. Our desire is to offer you the best service and value. To maintain the beauty and high standards that our clients expect, we instituted terms and conditions with our guarantee.

  • No rips or tears in the interiors of our limousines
  • Non-smoking limousine
  • No rust, scratches or damages on limousines exterior

Most reservations have a 20 minute grace period per limousine with the exception of discounted rates. If given a grace period, limousine can not to be utilized to go or stop anywhere other than specified in the agreed itinerary. if there are extra stops, there will be additional charges.

Fuel Surcharge: Especially when rates have been discounted and your event is behind schedule, if limousine has to idle to maintain a suitable temperature, a $20 – $50 fuel surcharge will apply. Regardless of discounted or regular rates, we must abide by city-by-laws.

Personal Items: First Glance Limousine is not responsible for forgotten property after your reservation. Found items must be picked up within 30 days of notification. After 30 days, First Glance Limousine reserves the right to dispose of item.

Items can be delivered for $25 – $75 per delivery within the GTA.

Itineraries: When required, must be received by First Glance Limousine by the specified date. First Glance Limousine reserves the right to cancel reservation and deposit will be forfeited.

Client Credit Card Agreement: To be printed, filled out completely, signed and emailed back to First Glance Limousine by specified date. First Glance Limousine reserves the right to cancel reservation if not received by specified date and deposit will be forfeited.

Photos of Itineraries and Client Card Agreements will not be accepted

Hand written itineraries will not be accepted

Limousine/s will arrive in excellent condition and the following charges will apply if it is left in any of the conditions specified below. Client assumes full responsibility and will pay all charges

  • $200 for nicks, cuts, tears or scuff marks to bar. To avoid such charges, communicate to your guests not to put their feet on or against the bar
  • $150 – $200 administrative surcharge for damages from client/s and or their guest/s

Administrative Surcharge Definition: When our limousines have to be taken in for repairs due to damage caused by clients or their guests

  • $150 – $200 for clean-up of excessive alcohol and or beverage spillage
  • $25 per broken vent louver on bar or ceiling
  • Absolutely no sitting on bar
  • Absolutely no feet on seats
  • $25 – $80 per extra stop
  • Sound system damage must be assessed by a qualified technician
  • Electronic system damage resulting from clients or guests excessively pressing controls must be assessed by a qualified technician
  • $50 – $150 per hour or any part of an hour for waiting time, after specified grace period has been used
  • $20 per glass for missing/broken or chipped glasses
  • $200 per decanter for missing, broken or chipped crystal decanters
  • 407 ETR charges according to 407 ETR website (Advance notice required)
  • $150 for food clean up
  • $400 for cleaning costs or repairs resulting from vomiting, burns, smoking, nicks, cuts, rips, tears or scuff marks in seats, dents in doors due to hitting objects, damage from sitting on bar or opening champagne. Leaning on doors when exiting.

Cancellations: 48hrs after receipt of deposit. A $200 administration charge will apply if there is a cancellation within that 48hrs. After 48hrs, there will be no refund. Deposit can be applied to another reservation. (No exceptions for round trip airport reservations)

Methods of payments:

  • Deposits only: Etransfer, company or personal cheque, Visa, MC. Amex or JCB.
  • Processing fees are charged to all credit card transactions
  • All balances must be paid in cash on the day of service
  • Balances can not be paid by personal cheque unless you have an account with us

Deposits range from $100 – $500 per limousine depending on limousine size, number of limousines and total cost