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Established June 14, 1994.

When shopping for a limousine service, at some point you will wonder “how do I determine the good from the bad?” We want you to feel welcome from your initial interaction with us. Our integrity is one of our prized principles. Another aspect that makes us unique is we remember that a large part our success is derived from our clients.

You will appreciate how much we value your business through our customer service and the time we take to provide the information you require. You will also observe the pride we take in catering to your needs, establishing an excellent rapport with you, along with the value in staying with and referring us.

We specialize in weddings and are knowledgeable about various cultures and traditions to ensure your special day will be filled with a lifetime of pleasant memories as it is one of the happiest days in a woman’s life, where she gets to be a princess for a day!

We realize that we have one opportunity to make a positive impression on you to confirm you made the right choice. With each and every occasion, it is our commitment to you, professional ethics, and the distinction of providing more than you would typically expect from a limousine service.

Upon deciding to trust us with your occasion/event you will experience the qualities of excellence that set us apart from the rest.